Uniform Policy


Proper grooming and attire reflects positively on the individual student and the school as a whole.  Students are expected to meet a common standard of dress so that they may focus on learning. When students come to school in uniform, it should be of the proper size, clean, pressed and in good repair. The families of SJUS students agree to assist and help enforce the uniform policy with their children. Specific reguations for girls and boys at each grade level are available upon request from the school office (716-835-7395)

School uniforms may be purchased from:
Flynn & O’Hara

Land’s End       1-800-469-2222

DRESS SHOES MUST BE WORN (grades 1-8) to and from school except on Gym days, when sneakers are allowed. Sneakers, clogs, and fashion boots are not considered dress shoes and may not be worn. For safety reasons, large platform shoes or open-toed shoes may not be worn; shoes should have heels no higher than one inch. Dress shoes should be one solid color – navy, black or dark brown. Oxford style and loafers are acceptable. Sandals, flip flops, open back shoes, or sneakers, work-type boots, and hi top shoes are not permitted. Shoes with laces must be tied at all times.

Pre-K and KINDERGARTEN students are asked to wear sneakers every day. Boots must be worn to and from school on snowy days.



Jewelry is not part of the uniform. Watches may be worn; beeping devices must be disconnected during the school day. Girls may wear only one pair of post earrings or small hoops (no larger than a nickel). Boys may not wear earrings. With the exception of a modest cross, no chains or necklaces may be worn. Bracelets of any kind should not be worn. Nail polish and makeup are not considered age-appropriate and may not be worn. This includes, but is not limited to, lip gloss, colored chapstick, artificial nails and tattoos of any kind.

“Latest fads” in clothing and hairstyle (including, but not limited to, dyes and Mohawks) will not be allowed. Hair must be neat and clean and appropriate. NO DESIGNS MAY BE CUT INTO THE HAIR. Scrunchies, hair clips, rubber bands, pony tail holders, etc must be in the hair and not worn on the wrist. No scarves should be worn on the hair.

Students out of uniform will receive a warning. Repeated or willful violation of the uniform policy may result in disciplinary action. Students who repeatedly violate the uniform policy, will be denied participation in the next out-of-uniform day.