Tuition at St. Joseph

St. Joseph University School has been a cornerstone of the University Heights community for over 170 years. It is the generous support of families and benefactors that allows St. Joseph University School to provide quality education year after year at a reasonable cost.

St. Joseph University School is funded by yearly tuition, major gifts, government programs and St. Joseph University Parish. It is because of this commitment to quality Catholic education that a portion of each student’s tuition is covered b Supplemental Assistance from St. Joseph University Parish.

There is a $125 per child registration fee payable upon acceptance. This fee covers consumable books, computer lab, testing fees, eschool fees and registration. This fee is non-refundable.

TUITION Schedule for 2019-20

SJUS Parishioner Rate (Grade K-8)
Number of Children SJUS Base Tuition per pupil SJUS Scholarship/ Assistance* SJUS Parent Tuition
1 $6,596 $2,876 $3,725
2 $13,192 $7,292 $5,900
3 $19,788 $11,708 $8,080
4 $26,384 $16,244 $10,140

Non-Parishioner Rate (Grade K-8)
Number of Children SJUS Base Tuition per pupil SJUS Scholarship/ Assistance* SJUS Parent Tuition
1 $6,596 $1,856 $4,740
2 $13,192 $5,677 $7,515
3 $19,788 $9,498 $10,290
4 $26,384 $13,914 $12,470


  • Non-refundable Registration Fee (for new families only): $125 per child payable upon registration
  • All class sizes are limited. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • ALL TUITION is paid through FACTS Management beginning Sept. 1

Financial Aid & Tuition Assistance

The Diocese of Buffalo is committed to helping schools to provide a Catholic Education in Western New York.

The program that is supported by the Diocese of Buffalo is the Buffalo Inner-city Scholarship Opportunity Network (BISON). This program is now open to all Catholic elementary schools (Grade K-8) in the diocese. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to meet the “Conditions of Eligiblity” as stated on the BISON application form.

The BISON Office can be reached at 716-854-0869 or at

BISON applications are available online from Jan. 1 – Feb. 28.
Go to  If you are currently receiving BISON, there is no need to fill out an application each year. Parent/Guardian will receive requalification papers in February.

Catholic Elementary School Tuition Grant Program (CTGP)
If you are currently registered as a parishioner at a Catholic parish that does not have a parish school, you are eligible for CTGP. This will allow your children to receive our parishioner rate of tuition. A parish verification form is available at the school office which will need to be filled out and signed by the pastor of your current parish. This must be done for every new school year.