Our Mission Statement

St. Joseph University School is a Catholic school built on a strong academic curriculum and centered in Christian values. It serves children from diverse faiths, ethnicity and socioeconomic backgrounds to prepare students to be lifelong learners.

To achieve our mission statement we believe in educating the whole child, making them curious learners who have had many opportunities to explore their talents in academics, art, music and sports. Developing all aspects of each child in order to learn all God has intended for them.

Each morning, students recite the SJUS Creed

I know St. Joseph’s school is a place where I am safe and happy.

I am part of an important and caring community.

I will learn in my own way by being proactive and thinking win-win.

I know I will make mistakes, but I will put first things first and learn from my mistakes.

I will listen first to understand so I can be understood.

I know we can work together and become life-long learners.

I will balance my life being an artist, and athlete, a dancer and a musician.


But above all else…I am a thinker, and I will strive to be a life-long learner.

Vision Statement

St. Joseph’s students will approach life embracing creativity and innovation, equipped with skills and knowledge to continue their learning within our school environment and beyond. The educational staff will maintain and reinforce the focus of the New York State Standards, skills, and values through continued mentoring and instruction.

St. Joseph’s will strive for collectivism and collaboration, maintaining transparency and truth. Our culture celebrates diversity and appreciates a broader understanding of individual perspectives. The staff will relate to the parents and communities in an open, welcoming interactive manner, with a process to problem solve and grow.

Our students will be eager, adaptable and proactive lifelong learners who will be successful members of society dedicated to the service of others and rising to their fullest potential.