Catholic Alumni Partnership

Catholic Alumni Partnership at St. Joseph University School

We are pleased to announce a momentous opportunity to join in a new program, the Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP). Please take this opportunity to re-connect with your alma mater. Whether it has been a year or decades, this is the first step in reuniting with old friends who believe in the value of a Catholic education.

Today, students at St. Joseph University School carry on the same traditions you participated in. Our students continue to be blessed by a faith-based education and share common values both spiritually and academically. They participate in activities that ignite friendships that continue long beyond graduation. Today’s classmates become friends for life.

Thanks to a dedicated and highly qualified faculty and staff, students of St. Joseph University School graduate prepared to attend institutions of higher learning while leading lives of accomplishment and faith. Please join the 250,000 Catholic elementary school alumni and help us strengthen St. Joseph University School by being a part of the Catholic Alumni Partnership (CAP).

St. Joseph University School Alumni are the bedrock of our legacy. Without you and your classmates, our community cannot be complete. Welcome back!


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